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Welcome to Hotel Legacy

Welcome to Legacy

The Legacy Hotel, in association with Legacy Travel, was founded in 2002 and offers luxury accommodation for both local and international tourists. It has been voted one of the best and most prestigious hotel chains by travel agents across South Africa and in many countries abroad, offering both luxurious but affordable hotel accommodation suites through to king rooms that cater for the needs of royalty, ambassadors and jet-set millionaires. The Legacy Hotel group comprises nine magnificent hotels sited at some of South Africa's leading tourist destinations. Discerning travelers have a complete choice of luxury hotels situated at some of the most beautiful beaches like Plettenberg Bay, Blaauwberg and Hermanus in the Western Cape, as well as diverse and interesting game parks such as Mala Mala and Sabi Sabi.

The hotel chain formed by Legacy Hotels was a direct effect of the weakening of the Rand. Suddenly, travel agencies worldwide noted a huge increase in the demand for hotel accommodation in South Africa. Hotel suites that could previously only have been afforded by the extemely affluent became within the reach of the wealthy.

The first Legacy hotel was built on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and completed in February 2003. It enjoyed a massive wave of success in its first year, leading to the establishment of four other glorious Legacy hotels across South Africa within the next two years. Because of the quality of the clientele, the need for an independent and up-market travel service arose, and Legacy Travel was formed shortly thereafter to satisfy this demand. International travelers now have the complete package they demand, the absolute best accommodation available with Legacy Hotels at the most desired destinations and the finest and safest modes of transport available supplied by Legacy Travel.

With rightful claims to its name, the Legacy basket of hotels has already become its own legacy, as well as a benchmark in the South African accommodation and travel industry. Only the finest and best of everything is utilised, the finest hotel suite decor and fittings, the best chefs, the best travel guides and the best destinations.

Within the next few years, the hotel chain plans to open up three new destinations, one near Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast, one at the wonderfully natural Westbrook Beach in Kwazulu Natal and one in the vicinity of the Golden Gate Nature Reserve.

If you require luxury hotel accommodation in South Africa and will only settle for the finest establishments money can buy, look no further than Legacy Hotels. We have designed our entire portfolio and mode of operation to suit your needs. We offer personalised attention to each and every one of our guests, and nothing is spared when it comes to satisfying your requirements.

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